Plant Tissue Analysis

We utilize ICP technology and Elementar nitrogen analyzers for plant analysis.
Typical test results include: N, P, K, Mg, S, Zn, Fe, B, Mn, Cu. 
Other tests are also available upon request.  

High Yield Corn Consulting Program

Randy Dowdy is one of the top corn producers in the nation.  This program gives the grower access to his production system as well as direct contact with Randy and our professional field services and analytics. This is a comprehensive program for growers interested in unlocking the key to higher yields!

Soil Analysis

We use the latest ICP technology to perform testing on soils using both Mehlich 1 and Mehlich 3 soil extractants. 
Typical test results include: Ph, P, K, Mg, S, Zn, Fe, B, Mn, Cu, Organic Matter, CEC, and various ratios. 
Lime, Nitrogen, and fertilizer recommendations are also provided.

Our Services

Precision Ag Services:

We are a reseller for the Agfleet precision ag solution. Our soil sampling crews utilize this program daily and we can provide set up and support to others who are interested in using this solution.  We also support most other software solutions that are on the market.

Chicken Litter Testing

We now have the capability to test chicken litter!  Knowing exactly what you're getting in your product can help when planning your fertility program. It's not pleasant, but it should be done!  Let us help!

Southeastern Agricultural Laboratories, Inc.

Soil Sampling & Tissue Sampling Programs

We can handle all of your sampling needs! From the most detailed precision ag project to the most basic soil sampling job, we can get the job done. We work directly with growers and provide contract sampling for retailers.  Our crews and associates will pull an excess of 200,000 acres of samples each year, so let us do your dirty work!

Nematode Analysis

With the loss of Aldicarb (Temik), nematode populations are on the rise and every production plan should start with comprehensive testing for plant parasitic nematodes.
Our lab is ready to meet these needs for growers!

Crop Scouting & Consulting
(All major crops)

If you can grow it we can scout it!
Our crews provide scouting and/or professional consulting services for over 200,000 acres in Georgia, Florida, Alabama, South Carolina & North Carolina.   Cotton, Peanuts, Corn, Soybeans, Onions, Peppers, Snapbeans, Wheat, etc.